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Android Training Course Content



  Part -1: Core Java


  1. Java Intro: JDK,Javac,JVM,JRE and Class,Objects and packages


  2. Creating First Java App


  3. OOPS Concepts: Inheritance,Encapsulation,Polymorphism, And Abstraction


  4. Interface,Data Types, Variable Types


  5. Annotations and comments


  6. Final, Static and Synchronized


  7. Java array with Multi dimensions


  8. Looping and control flow


  9. Conditional statements


  10. Exception Handling


  11. Multi Threading


  12. Collections


  13. Generics



  Part-2: Android


  1. Android Intro: Android Versions and Explaining about basic components, Creating project in Android studio and explaining the project structure


  2. Activity life cycle states, Activity stack and how to start another activity and Printing Log


  3. Passing the data to next activity and get the data from second activity and showing in Toast


  4. Implicit Intent and Explicit Intent, how to start another Application's Activity and send the data and receive the data from another Application's Activity


  5. Designing the page: LinearLayout and RelativeLayout


  6. Constraint Layout and Material design


  7. Supporting Multiple Languages and Supporting Multiple Platforms or Versions


  8. Supporting Multiple Screen Size and Density


  9. Saving Data Intro and shared Preferences


  10. SQLite Database


  11. File System: Internal Storage(Permanent and cache) and External Strorange


  12. Android Runtime Permission


  13. What is Fragment? Static and dynamic fragment (adding fragment and replacing Fragment


  14. Passing the data between Fragments( in both static and dynamic fragment),add to back stack and pop back stack)


  15. ListView/ Grid View/Recycler View/Expandable ListView and Base adapter


  16. Multi Threading: AsyncTask with downloading an Image


  17. Server/Could API: JSON? Parsing Json using android Framework,adding GSON library and Creading POJO Class for Given JSON


  18. Integrating Volley and retrofit libraries for Server API call


  19. Service: Three types of Service, Started Service and Intent Service, and Bind Service


  20. BroadCastReceiver: Static and Dynamic Broadcast Receiver and Sending Broadcast with Notification


  13. Content Provider: call back methods and contentResolver to get the data from Contacts APP


  14. Create Content Provider using the database


  15. Location Based APP: Location Based APP: Integration Google Map and using GPS find the current location


  16. Keystore: Generate own Keystore and publish the APP to play store


  17. Testing Tools and Writing Test Case:Monkey tool and writing unit test case using Junit with code coverage


  18. UI Test Case: Writing UI Test Case using Espresso and Mockito


  19. Create Custom Views


  20. Animation and Interpolators


  21. Google Cloud Messaging: Push Notification


  22. FaceBook and Google Login Integration


  23. FireBase: 1.Cloud Messaging 2.Authentication 3.DataBase 4. Storage


  Part-3: Project


  * Each Student will be given a sample project to prove their performance.



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