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iOS Training Course Content




Part-1: Swift


   1. Introduction advantages of swift programming language


   2. Introduction to swift programming language-all the concepts


   3. Understanding of playground facility in swift


   4. Advanced swift concepts necessary to design apps


   5. Understanding Model View Controller Architecture


   6. UI components to design iOS apps


   7. Implement Tableview and Tableview customization


   8. Integrate webservices and understand Parsers


   9. Understand Apple Show Notification


   10.Understanding Animation


   11.Integrate Audio and Video


   12.Understand how to navigate between various screens


   13.Understand Layouts, Sensor and Accelerometer


   14.Upload iOS app to App Store


Part-2: Objective C


   1. Introduction to Objective c


   2. Introduction to Frameworks


   3. Basic Concepts And Controls


   4. Life Cycles Of Views and Controllers


   5. Protocols And Delegates


   6. AutoLayouts And Size Classes


   7. Views And Controllers


   8. Persistent Storage In iOS


   9. Blocks And Multithreading


   10. Memory Manegement


   11. Properties In iOS


   12. WebServices


   13. Outlets And Actions


   14. Data parsing


   15. Mapkits and Location tracking


   16.Core Data


   17.universal App creation


   18.App Store Submission


   19.Hireachy Of Views and Buttons


   20.Certification creation and Deployment


   21.Error Handling and Exceptions


   22.Code Singing Errors


   23.Practicals Of Above All


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